Victor Hogue

BS- Biology, TN State University 

MS- Public Health, Meharry Medical College


Victor has been working in HIV prevention, care and advocacy since 2008.  Today he oversees grant funding that is geared towards ending the HIV epidemic among young queer individuals of color. He is a 2015 recipient of the New York State Department of Health Commissioner’s Special Recognition Award for his career work. He has been featured in Crain’s New York Business magazine, POZ magazine and OUT magazine.  Victor understands that you must meet people where they are to effectively make change.  His goal is to one day see the HIV epidemic come to an end.  Until a cure is found we must Prevent, Test, and Treat HIV for those communities who are usually overlooked and left to deal with health disparities on their own.  As a former resident of Mississippi and Tennessee, Victor understands the hardships one can face as a queer person of color.  He has and will continue to dedicate his time to making sure the community most at need will be afforded the same opportunities as those born with privilege.

Courtney Johnson

I am inspired by the resiliency of many black gay pioneers.  They have given me a zeal to support young, black gay men in their journey of self-actualization through the development of stigma free ,safe spaces.  These nonjudgmental spaces allow for freedom of self-expression, an increased capacity to love, and holistic healing. By dwelling in these spaces with each other, we can optimally address issues related to stigma, pain, loneliness, and self-acceptance.